What is MP4U?

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality

Meal Prep For You designs food and treats that allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, focusing not on restrictions but on quality, variety and flavour. 

Our service allows you to eliminate the planning and prep work that is attached to creating a meal. Whether you are a parent on the go, a business man or women, a weight loss client, a shift worker or an athlete, Meal Prep For you will allow you to focus your time on what is important for you in a day, and not on your next meal.  

The Meal Prep For You kitchen is gluten-free, as well as free of refined sugars. All sauces, meals and treats are made fresh in house with no corners cut. Creating a balanced meal, packed with flavour and nutrient rich foods is our specialty. We are proud of where we source our ingredients from and the quality in our products.

Priority number one at MP4U is providing the proper nutrients to feel your best. our focus is ensuring your body is properly nourished, making weight loss, performance, focus and body composition a simple by-product of MP4U nutrition.