How it works

We prep meals twice per week, Sunday and Wednesday, to ensure freshness and quality. Every prep we switch up the menu so you never get bored and always have new options to choose from. Each meal is nutritionally balanced to ensure you’re always eating healthy without even having to think about it. When you’re ready to get started, download our app, choose your meals and pick them up when they’re ready.

Choose your plan

Lifestyle Plan

This plan is designed for the busy health minded foodie that wants to take their health to the next level without sacrificing balance and taste. Each prep, choose which meals you want from our lifestyle menu designed for moms, dads, business professionals, top tier athletes, weight loss seekers and more. We offer consultations upon request to ensure you have structure and direction while moving towards your health goals.

Competitor Plan

This plan is for those following a specific nutrition program. Design your own meals to fit your dietary needs with whole, natural ingredients. The competitor plan supports minimizing variety and keeps things simple which allows you to be very specific while building your own macro-nutrients on each individual meal. This plan can also for those with many food sensitivities. 

We also offer


We offer delivery throughout Kelowna and Vernon on orders of $75 or more.

Plant Based Substitutes

Every single menu Item on the lifestyle plan can be made plant based with no extra charge. Alternative protein options include beet patties, lentil loafs, BBQ Jackfruit and more.

Only the Best

MP4U has spent 4 years sourcing the healthiest, freshest local Ingredients available.